Kibo Group’s first successful and sustainable project in Africa.
Dating back to 1994, Kibo representatives first learned the local language and culture surrounding Jinja, Uganda. While befriending the community and learning firsthand the challenges of extreme poverty, Kibo Group responded with a multi-faceted Christian community development project. The Source Opportunity Center is located on Jinja’s Main Street within a mile of the famous source of the Nile River. It is a place where individuals meet daily to encourage each other to ask, seek, dream and strive to be a positive force in their surrounding communities.
The Source is…
• An incubated and “redemptive” business (local coffee, café, local artistry, the town’s first Internet Service Provider, the country’s first lending library) providing jobs and a model business with Christian business ethics. The Source employs 15 full time employees and nearly 100 jobs indirectly. ALL PROFITS are reinvested in the community and subsidize community development initiatives. The Source is financially sustainable through local management and has an annual economic impact of the equivalent of 300 Ugandans’ annual wages.
• A community center. Kibo partners with other likeminded organizations as we lend The Source auditorium to any worthy organization striving to develop and improve Ugandan communities. On any given day, you might see one organization teaching preventative AIDS lessons and counseling and caring for those already HIV infected or you might see another organization training Ugandans how to build clean water filters using local supplies.
• A training and education center. Our business pays for the ongoing facility expenses that allow local schools to board students for a week at a time and train Ugandans in education, religion, and all kinds of development initiatives.
• Home base and a launching pad for all of Kibo Group’s rural development projects, like the Mvule Project.
To partner with and promote ongoing community development in Jinja and eastern Uganda, give to The Source here. All Source donations through 2011 will go to The Source Education initiative providing scholarships to Ugandan students. 
If you’re interested in partnering with The Source in other ways, please contact us here.
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