Water, Sanitation and Hygiene works with Ugandans to implement standards that will maximize the benefits of improved sanitation and hygiene habits.


With guidance from Kibo Group staff, an entire community
recognizes the health risks of open defecation and poor hygiene and
sanitation habits. We train and help establish a Health Committee to lead the implementation of hygiene and sanitation standards.


Once significant hygiene and sanitation improvements are made,
we help evaluate the communities access to water and create
a plan to address problem areas. Often an existing broken well can
be repaired, which is a cost effective way to create new sources of water.
A Water User Committee collects money to help cover a percentage of the cost, and repairs are made.


If a new well is needed, community leaders, a local drilling company, and Kibo Group staff work together to determine the best location for a new well.
The Water User Committee ensures a fence is built around the well
to protect it from damage and establishes a funding process
so the community can work together to save money for future repairs.