Kibo Group 2018-2019

Impact Report


We’ve been busy….

Mvule Program

18 villages participating, 250 meetings, 1,000 Mvule trees, 350 Musizi trees, and 25 goats.

Average men attendance: 12

Average women attendance: 22

Average total attendance: 34

Cost: $30,150

IMPACT = 600+ people in 18 villages with stronger community, reforested land, and economic opportunity.



4 employees, 15 villages participating, 207 visits made.

Cost: $23,875

IMPACT = 225+ women with safe, fuel-efficient stoves and a non-smoky cooking hut. Hundreds of children saved from potential of burns.

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Life Skills

2 employees, 5 schools, 46 visits to schools, 96 community lessons.

Average boy students: 39

Average girl students: 49

Average total students: 89

Average fathers attended: 7

Average mothers attended: 9

Cost: $23,215

IMPACT = 445+ students with life skills training, 80+ parents, mentors, and teachers trained and equipped to continue building those skills at home and in the classroom.


Spiritual Empowerment

2 employees, 9 villages participating, 134 meetings.

Average men attendance: 9

Average women attendance: 19

Average total attendance: 29

Cost: $20,838

IMPACT = 261+ people with bible training, basic health advice, and spiritual guidance from Ida.



5 employees, 36 Villages, 452 visits, 6 new wells drilled, 9 wells repaired, 59 community led sanitation meetings, 210 water community meetings.

Community Led Sanitation community meetings

Average total attendance: 41

Water Community meetings

Average total attendance: 40

Open Defecation and Pit Latrine statistics:

Avg. starting percentage of village open defecation & lack of pit latrines upon Kibo’s arrival:

39% w/open defecation

50.9% w/no pit latrine

Avg. percentage in same villages of open defecation & no pit latrine after our 3rd survey:

3.9 % w/open defecation

4.6% w/no pit latrine

Cost: $105,750

IMPACT = 3,300+ people with new access to clean water, 4,950+ people with restored access to clean water, 1,476 CLTS committee participants, 1,440 water committee participants, 250+ community led meetings, essential hygiene and sanitation training, dramatic reduction in open defecation and astounding rise in number of pit latrines. Healthier communities all around.

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4 employees (Country Director, Accountant, Administrator, Cashier), and all admin expenses in Uganda:

Cost = $112,182

Impact = A well-oiled machine which ensures all of our government applications & communication, legal fees, village visit planning, banking, program planning, budgeting, data collection, and other necessary administrative functions run smoothly.



What it cost Kibo Group in Uganda to change thousands of lives for generations to come in 2018-2019 .

Kibo Group Funding Needs 2019-2020

Please contact Zach Abney if you have any questions or need more information. | 503-577-6391

We’re seeking major project donors at these amounts:

$5,600 - Repair 8 broken wells (left behind by gvt. or other organizations)

$2,900 - Provides all school materials and supplies needed for the life skills program for two schools

$2,500 - Purchase iron sheets for improved pit latrine roofing in 5 villages

$1,900 - Purchase 70 goats for a village (Maliga and Bukoma A)

$1,400 - Purchase 50 goats for a village (Bukoma B, Bukoma C, Naiwaibete, or Kivule)

$840 - Purchase all of our Mvule seedlings

$650 - Purchase all tools needed for well repairs

$330 - Buy whiteboards, a microphone and speaker for village presentations and celebrations by all programs

We’re seeking monthly donors at these amounts:

$240/month - Pay one staff salary per month

$160/month - Sponsor the Busoga Women’s Conference

$130/month - Pay for one program’s staff meals every month

$110/month - Funds 24 village visits by our program staff in a year

$70/month - Purchase all of our Mvule tree seedlings

$55/month - Purchase all necessary tools for well repairs

$30/month - Pay monthly healthcare costs for one employee


Use the form below to donate online to a specific project on this page. Enter in the desired donation amount, select “unrestricted" as your designation, and put the project you want to fund in the “let us know why you give!” box. ACH fees are just $0.26 per transaction regardless of amount (the best way to donate!), credit/debit card donations are charged between 2.5%-3.5% depending on your card.

To donate via check, complete this form (pdf), make your check payable to "Kibo Group International" and specify the project you would like to fund. Send completed form to:

PO Box 145 

Searcy, AR 72145

Please note that we also accept Appreciated Securities and Qualified Charitable Deductions. If you are considering selling investments to donate, we offer the option of gifting appreciated securities directly to Kibo Group. In doing so, you may be able to avoid capital gains tax on securities. Please consult your tax professional if you have questions. We are also equipped to accept qualifying charitable distributions directly from your IRA. Please consult your tax professional if you have questions. Check out this link for more information.

If you have any questions please send an email to

We appreciate your partnership!

Kibo Group Uganda 2019-2020 Budget by Program:

Mvule = $35,000

Kitchens = $30,000

Life Skills = $29,000

Spiritual Development = $14,000

Health Education Specialist = $14,000

WASH = $140,000

Uganda Admin = $113,000

Total = $375,000

Monthly = $31,250

Please contact Zach Abney if you have any questions or need more information. | 503-577-6391