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Kibo is not your average nonprofit. We are an international network of friends with a radical vision: To empower every community in the Busoga region of Uganda to holistically and sustainably transform.


Before we dive into the why and the how of Kibo, let’s cover what our staff of locals does every day:


That sounds like a lot of nonprofits. What makes Kibo different? 


Sustainable transformation takes time. 🌱 We spend months gaining the trust of our partner communities.



We empower locals 🇺🇬 to solve complex problems. Good questions are better than imported solutions!



We work with the whole person and the whole community. Instead of rescuing individuals from bad situations, we change the situation to be better for everyone. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


(Also, we have the coolest staff on the planet.)


Take action!

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Not sure where to go next?

Here are 3 ways to tell your friends what it means to be a friend of Kibo. Click for more!


Nate’s notes

To do: Upload 10-15 photos with a green gradient overlay to replace the goofy staff photo, make higher quality “we do x gif,” take photos of staff and convert into gif to replace the Office gif, improve the “take action” section, create one more illustration for the bottom.

Optional: Animate “communities” so it is activated upon scrolling, improve text introducing illustrations, reorganize the dropdowns into three sections: “Who we are,” “What we do,” and “Take action.”

Pros: It’s effective in explaining why Kibo is different and in providing immediate calls to action.

Cons: It’s not comprehensive. The lack of a summary of the programs is the biggest omission. They have to click a link to dive deeper into the five programs.