St. Francis + Kibo

Your partnership with Run to the Well creates a huge impact in Uganda! Here’s what we were able to accomplish in 2018.

With your continued partnership it could be even more!


2018 WASH Impact

5 employees, 36 Villages, 452 visits, 6 new wells drilled, 9 wells repaired, 59 community led sanitation meetings, 210 water community meetings.

Community Led Sanitation community meetings

Average total attendance: 41

Water Community meetings

Average total attendance: 40

Open Defecation and Pit Latrine statistics:

Avg. starting percentage of village open defecation & lack of pit latrines upon Kibo’s arrival:

39% w/open defecation

50.9% w/no pit latrine

Avg. percentage in same villages of open defecation & no pit latrine after our 3rd survey:

3.9 % w/open defecation

4.6% w/no pit latrine

Cost: $105,750

IMPACT = 3,300+ people with new access to clean water, 4,950+ people with restored access to clean water, 1,476 CLTS committee participants, 1,440 water committee participants, 250+ community led meetings, essential hygiene and sanitation training, dramatic reduction in open defecation and astounding rise in number of pit latrines. Healthier communities all around.


Please contact Zach Abney if you have any questions or need more information. | 503-577-6391