Mission: Kibo Group is a faith-inspired nonprofit that partners with East Africans to pursue local solutions for poverty and injustice to help communities flourish.


We exist because we want people to be healthy in every aspect of their lives. Our international community of 22 staff members, 12 board members, thousands of people in Ugandan villages, and hundreds of donors work together to see the rural communities of Busoga thrive.


Through Kibo’s five programs, our incredible staff of locals work to equip individuals and communities to live full, healthy lives through holistic, sustainable development.


Community Lift

We help communities lift themselves out of unhealthy living conditions through our:

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Program and

Healthy and Safe Kitchens Program

Community Empowerment

We empower communities intellectually, physically, spiritually, and emotionally through our:

Life Skills Education and Counseling Program and

Health and Spiritual Empowerment Program

Community Flourishing

We help communities achieve long-term economic and social flourishing through our:

Mvule Community Development Program