Our Programs

Kibo is a faith-inspired nonprofit organization that partners with East Africans to pursue local solutions for poverty and injustice to help communities flourish.

We accomplish our mission through our five programs:



Our WASH staff cultivates dialogue with communities about sanitation and hygiene and helps them gain access to clean water. WASH partners with communities, empowers local leaders, and builds relationships with and within communities to help them sustainably lift themselves out of unhealthy living conditions.

>> Learn more about our WASH program.



Our Kitchens staff teaches villages how to build fuel-efficient and sanitary kitchens in order to help communities lift themselves out of unsafe living conditions.

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Our Life Skills staff empowers students and their parents to better handle life’s challenges. Life Skills offers a comprehensive behavior change approach that develops the character of individuals and communities through education. More than providing information, our Life Skills staff develops critical thinking skills so that individuals can make informed decisions in any situation.

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Our Empowerment staff educates women and men about their physical and spiritual health in order to empower communities to deal with personal, familial, and communal challenges in positive and unifying ways.

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Our Mvule staff unites communities and guides them through the process of achieving long-term economic flourishing.

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