Our Approach to Community Development.



Build Relationships

We focus on relationships, which allows us to posture ourselves as servants and listeners in every situation. Because we strive for healthy relationships with our village partners, we are able to take the time to understand culture, and ask hard questions. Then we can work together to find the best solutions to poverty in all its forms. We think the healthiest relationships start with service.

Work With People

We never do anything by ourselves. Kibo Group's staff work as mentors, guides, and teachers. The people we work with have knowledge, labor, talent, money, and wisdom. By forming partnerships between Kibo Group, village communities, and donors, we are able to work together and create lasting change. 

Long-term Commitment with an Exit Strategy

We are committed to a development process that takes time, but we don't want to stay in every village we work with forever. The only way we can create truly sustainable solutions is if we are intentional to equip people to solve the problems they face without creating dependencies.

Our Process




We work with donors who want to partner with people through a sustainable development process that embraces the complexity of poverty and is based on deep relationships.



We hire and equip wise, talented people who are working to find solutions to poverty and injustice in their own country.



These employees build long-term partnerships with rural communities in Uganda to fight the root causes of poverty.



Through these partnerships, we work to solve water access, hygiene, sanitation, economic, and relational issues.