Phase 2: Community Empowerment

We believe broken relationships are one of the root causes of poverty, so we work to reconcile individuals and communities by focusing on four areas using the biblical principle of loving your neighbor as yourself.


Healthy Relationships

Kibo Group staff lead Bible lessons focused on developing communication skills and trust within families and between neighbors. Learning relationship skills reduces conflict and encourages compassionate responses to others’ needs.

Health Education

We work with the community to improve physical health through a variety of healthcare lessons. These lessons equip people to prevent and respond to illnesses that arise in their families or community.

Healthy Kitchens

Traditional cooking fires are dangerous, causing burns, smoke inhalation, and use wood inefficiently. We teach women to build safe and fuel efficient stoves using local materials.

Life Skills

Life Skills training is a comprehensive behavior change approach which addresses the development of a whole person through lessons on communication, decision making, relationships, self-esteem, resisting peer pressure, and other life skills.


Community Empowerment Program Staff


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