People in Buwologoma Village start a business selling tree seedlings

  People in Buwologoma Village with their mvule trees.

People in Buwologoma Village with their mvule trees.

Kibo Group’s Mvule Program works with village communities establish groups of people who are working together to solve problems they face, and develop economic opportunity. One community we work with is Buwologoma Village which relies on growing sugarcane as its major industry. Sugarcane requires large clearcut fields, so there are few trees and little shade in the area.

The Mvule program started working in Buwologoma Village in 2009 with a group of 45 people. After successfully completing the first phase of the project by planting 600 trees the group received 90 goats to use as start up capital for an economic development project. They spent the next few years adding members to the group, and increasing their capital by raising the goats and offspring.

In 2016 the group had 110 members all working together to save money and solve problems together. Abraham, who works for Kibo Group, visited the group and asked them what the next  project they hoped to undertake as a group was. The chairman, Mr. Balamu Mukasa, said that they were taking all the knowledge they had gained during the Mvule Project and starting a tree nursery. There is still a great need for trees in the areas, in particular trees the produce fruit, so the group had a nursery with seedlings for passion fruit, mvule, cocoa, mangoes and orange trees. They were selling these seedlings to people in surrounding villages, and hoped to become Kibo Group’s seedling supplier someday. The district government and other NGO’s have noticed their work and have invested in the seedling nursery by helping drill a well that can be used to water the seedlings, and local government officials have offered their support of the group’s goals to restore the ecology of the district by planting trees.

Mr. Balamu and the rest of the group in Buwologoma Village have taken full advantage of the knowledge they gained from the Mvule Project by saving money together and establishing a business that generates income and helps solve the long term problem of deforestation the district faces.