Jane Wankuluna's leadership helps build a strong community

  Jane Wankuluna with her new stove.

Jane Wankuluna with her new stove.

Jane Wankuluna is an entrepreneur and mother of seven children who lives in Ikumbya Village. When Harriet introduced the stove program to people in the village they elected Jane chairwoman of the group. Having a good leader is a key aspect to the success of any development program, and Jane was reluctant to take the position. Eventually she accepted. This was an opportunity for personal development, as well as a chance to help her community.

Jane has been a strong leader for the group building stoves. These stoves have three main advantages over traditional cooking fires:

  1. Stoves are more efficient which means they use less wood and cook food faster. This leaves more time for other activities.

  2. Stoves vent smoke to the outside of the kitchen which prevents health and respiratory problems like pneumonia, cancer, pulmonary disease, and heart disease.

  3. Stoves have an enclosed flame, which is safer for cooks and children.

We asked Jane how having a stove has impacted here life. There are several areas she mentioned. First, she she said that the women in the village have worked together to build stoves for everyone using their own time, labor, and resources. This is a great achievement, and helps establish a strong healthy community.

Jane owns a restaurant near her home, and the new stove has allowed her to run the restaurant more effectively. She is able to use the stove to cook for the restaurant when needed, or even use it to cook for her customers while making food for her family at the same time! She also has to spend less time collecting firewood, and food is finished faster, so she is able to dedicate more time to her restaurant and family.

Jane has worked hard over the years to create opportunity for herself and her family. Having a fuel efficient stove helps her be even more effective as a business woman and mom. Her leadership in the community allows other to take advantage of some of the same opportunities she has, and builds a strong, healthy, community.