Phase 1: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene:

We work for access to clean water and proper hygiene because 35% of people in Uganda lack access to clean water. Here is how the program works:



With guidance from Kibo Group staff, an entire community recognizes the health risks of open defecation and poor hygiene and sanitation habits. We train and help establish a Health Committee to lead the implementation of hygiene and sanitation standards.


Once significant hygiene and sanitation improvements are made, we help evaluate the communities access to water and create a plan to address problem areas. Often an existing broken well can be repaired, which is a cost effective way to create new sources of water.  A Water User Committee collects money to help cover a percentage of the cost, and repairs are made.


If a new well is needed, community leaders, a local drilling company, and Kibo Group staff work together to determine the best location for a new well. The Water User Committee ensures a fence is built around the well to protect it from damage and establishes a funding process so the community can work together to save money for future repairs.


Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene program staff


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